The History of Etan
Age of Creation (AP)
First Divine War
Age of Gods (AF)
Divine Schism
Second Divine War
Age of Mortality (AL)
Divine Exodus

The Age of Creation or Aevum Partum is the age when the Sator created Etan and humans. Years from this age are usually followed by A.P.

Year (AP)
1 The Sator restructure time and space in an orderly manner. This is the beginning of time as we are used to it.
c.50 The Sator create light together which they distribute throughout the heavens. They then each create one of the four elements and learn how to create a vast array of things from them.
c.100 The Sator organize together to create a grand throne world for Arwaith as a token of their admiration.
c.150 The Sator finish creating Arwaith's throne world and call it Etan.
c.155 Arwaith takes a short break from his personal musing in the vastness of the cosmos and visits the Sator. He finds Etan waiting for him but is unimpressed. He leaves, much to the dismay of the Sator who take Etan as their personal home.
c.325 The Sator grow increasingly bored and lonely on Etan, and get together to make another creation.
c.350 The Sator continuing to experiment learn that together, they can create life. They proceed to create many plants and animals on Etan.
c.400 Observing the life they created multiplying, The Sator decided to try to create a copy of themselves.
c.425 The first humans are created by the Sator. The long age of peace reigns on Etan, and the Sator are happy.
554 Nerunelümo is the first of the gods to arrive at Etan other than the Sator and Arwaith. He begins to carefully and meticulously chronicle the history of Etan. Many other deities follow and the humans and gods live in relative harmony.
843 Selu arrives at Etan. She discovers that Etan has become a living being and begins communicating with it.
2350 Arwaith returns, and discovers that the other gods have learned to create life. He is enraged, and demands that the Sator destroy Etan and return time and space to its original form. The Sator refuse, and a great war breaks out between the gods. Arwaith creates a few allies and base of operations to fight the Sator from. The Sator have the support of most of the minor gods and they are able to repel Arwaith and his allies back into the far reaches of the cosmos. He vows to return one day and reclaim all of his power.
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