The History of Etan
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First Divine War
Age of Gods (AF)
Divine Schism
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Age of Mortality (AL)
Divine Exodus

The Age of Gods or Aevum Filiolus is the age when Arwaith sent Skoros to set the gods against each other resulting in the creation of many more races and several wars among the races and gods. Years from this age are usually followed by A.F.

Year (AF)
1 Peace returns to Etan, and a new age is heralded in. Faris creates the sun to keep watch for Arwaith's return. Arwaith begins planning his return and creating creatures and other weapons in preparation.
c.5 Arwaith creates one final deity, Skoros, and sends him to sow dissent between the other gods.
310 The Sator decide again to attempt to create a copy of themselves, only this time to make it at least as powerful as the minor gods that have recently been arriving at Etan.
332 The Sator complete their grand project, and believe they have made a god. They celebrate with their new creation in happiness, thinking they have realized their dream of perpetuating their own kind. The new god is particularly favored by Glaile, who gives special attention and care to her, and names her "Carua".
335 Carua begins exploring Etan and bringing comfort and kindness to mortals the way her favorite parent, Glaile, had taught her.
429 After nearly a century on Etan, Carua begins to become saddened by all the loss of lives that she has helped care for. She sees all the misery in the world and questions the Sator on whether or not it was wise to create many mortal beings, rather than perfecting their powers and creating a few immortals, like herself.
c.430 The Agennan civilization is formed by several tribes on the island of Erygur in the Videlicet region of Darvasi. They quickly build an empire based on trade.
942 The Erygovean civilization is formed by several tribes on the Lithican Peninsula in the Videlicet region. They proceed to expand using militaristic means.
1556 After over a millennium of study and practice, Carua devises a method by which she can stop mortals from aging. In order to do this though, she must trap their souls in their own bodies and rob them of their free will. She continues these experiments in secret in an attempt to perfect her method so that mortals can be made immortal without the loss of free will. She justifies the sacrifice of the handful of lives that are lost in her experiments by thinking of all the suffering and death she will prevent.
1557 Carua becomes consumed with the task of making mortals immortal, and her mind begins to fray. Her obsession grows stronger, and the Sator being to notice some strange changes in her personality.
1558 Skoros begins convincing each of the Sator that the problems of Carua are the fault of the other Sator. He persuades them that they would be able to accomplish much more without the other Sator.
1572 Carua begins having some problems controlling some of her powers. She believes this may be akin to aging, like the mortals do. She worries that she is not in fact a god, as the Sator told her. At this time she begins to despise Glaile for telling her what she perceived as lies about the benefits of kindness.
1582 Carua's powers begin dissipating at an alarming rate. In a panic, she takes a few of her experimental "immortals" and drains their life to supplement her own. In her mind, it is still justified because she must finish her project for the benefit of all mortals everywhere.
1590 Carua becomes careless, and her secret project is discovered by mortals. Not recognizing her as the Sator's creation, they called her "Haxis", a name which reflected the fear they felt toward her. The name stuck.
1595 The Sator debate about what to do about Haxis. Faris convinces Ardel and Ogden that she must be forcefully stopped, to the dismay of Glaile.
1596 Ardel, Faris, and Ogden begin searching for Haxis, who has gone into hiding.
1597 Haxis stabilizes herself by consuming tens of thousands of mortal lives. Her power is restored.
1598 One of the Sator takes it upon themselves to "fix" humans and create an altered superior race that is much more like them. It is uncertain who is first, but Glaile is the last to follow suit in the human alterations. Ardel creates elves, Faris creates khin, Glaile creates saquan, and Ogden creates dwarves. Each call their new race an improvement on the original humans, which causes human loyalties to fracture.
1600 After years of searching, Faris discovers Haxis' secret lair, and faces off against her and hundreds of her mindless slaves. The epic battle devastates a three mile area, but in the end, An injured Faris destroys all of Haxis' minions and captures her. She brings Haxis before the other Sator to decide her fate. They deadlock on whether or not to kill her, with Faris calling for an execution and Glaile opposing. The other two Sator are torn. Ultimately, Ardel decides they should imprison her under a mountain in the far north reaches of Darvasi. There she would be checked on every 50 years to make sure her power did not grow strong enough to break free. She would be kept there until the Sator all decided she was reformed and could be let out. Faris was skeptical about her ability to reform, however, and she crafted a gem through which she could use her will to keep an eye on Haxis. She gave the gem to a group of dwarves in the area who were to take care of it through the millennia.

The Sator decided to find out which race is the best once and for all by pitting them against each other. It is agreed that the races will be put to war against each other and the gods will not interfere. Unfortunately, whenever a race begins to lose, their respective god accuses the others of cheating. It's never known whether or not any of the Sator cheated, or if Skoros manipulated the war to further tensions, but eventually, the accusations developed into full out war among the Sator.

1612 In secret, Skoros begins creating his own altered races from humans, including orcs.
1688 Laetifico is founded in the Videlicet region of Darvasi.
1734 A human tribe from Aniana, calling themselves Euphonians, migrates to Lithica, displacing the local Thoricans, and effectively ending the Erygovean civilization.
1743 Two villages in the center of Lithica merge into the city-state of Sollicitus under the leadership of two kings.
1747 Gnomes appear randomly on Darvasi. No one takes credit for their existence and only Nerunelümo ever figures out where the gnomes came from, but he never publicly reveal his findings.
1874 Casusa, manages to create halflings from humans. This perplexes the Sator who thought that level of power to be beyond the reach of minor gods.
1998 The Sator discover that Skoros is an agent of Arwaith and fear he will return soon. Skoros goes into hiding until the return of his master. The gods become paranoid that there are other spies among them, and the Sator begin accusing each other of hiding Skoros.
2000 On the second millennial anniversary of his defeat, Arwaith returns to finish off a fractured and damaged Etan with dragons and other monsters. The gods bring their powers against him separately to attempt to drive him away.
2006 The devastation from the fighting with Arwaith is cataclysmic. Many minor gods are killed, their power returning to Arwaith.
2010 The Sator finally set aside their differences and band together with the other minor gods to drive Arwaith away. The sole god that manages to not get involved is Nerunelümo, who somehow eludes the grasp of both Arwaith and the Sator without difficulty and manages to preserve much of his histories despite the cataclysm.
2012 The gods find themselves having difficulty driving away the newly empowered Arwaith while protecting the mortal races, and in a desperate attempt to preserve the mortals of Etan, they create a divine seal which banishes Arwaith from Etan, but also banishes all other gods. The gods are henceforth sealed away from Etan and reside in the heavens or below the earth and sea. Without needing to directly protect the mortals, the gods are able to keep Arwaith at bay. However, they cannot banish him to the far reaches of the cosmos, and Arwaith persists in his attempts to bring the world to ruin and recover his power. He is able to keep watch on Etan through the moon which remains his only physical manifestation in the world. Faris aligns the sun to follow Arwaith and takes up the charge of tirelessly pursuing Arwaith through the heavens, which lessens her ability to exert her will through the seal on Etan. Approximately 75% of all mortals and 25% of all gods perish in this cataclysm and some races are nearly obliterated. The khin suffer the most of the mortal races. Legend tells that the khin number less than 200 at this time. So begins the Age of Mortality.
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