The History of Etan
Age of Creation (AP)
First Divine War
Age of Gods (AF)
Divine Schism
Second Divine War
Age of Mortality (AL)
Divine Exodus

The Age of Mortality or Aevum Letalis is the age when the mortal races found themselves without the gods to guide them. Years from this age are usually followed by A.L.

1 The mortal races find themselves alone.
357 Skoros secretly discovers he can still indirectly manipulate Etan through the seal by using faithful mortal individuals. He does not inform any other gods - not even Arwaith. Armies of Skoros' monsters wreak havoc throughout Etan.
513 The events of the Scorched Earth Campaign
535 The Sator discover what Skoros is doing, and use his methods to regain some influence on Etan.
540 The armies of Skoros are largely brought into check, although new bands of creatures always crop up here and there.
2160 Barnabas Crowe is born in the small town of Acterna in Laetifico.
2162 Mathias Harper is born in a small town in Laetifico.
2164 Isabella Krauss is born in a small town in Laetifico.
2180 Laetifico is attacked by Sollicitus starting the Great Western War.
2197 Barnabas Crowe and Isabella Krauss are wed.
2198 Mathias Harper kills, resurrects, and runs away with Isabella Crowe.
2215 Barnabas Crowe discovers that someone is stealing from his library and burns it in an attempt to prevent his work from falling into the wrong hands.
2219 The Oozing Death strikes the eastern half of Darvasi.
2225 Barnabas Crowe heads off to eastern Darvasi to assist efforts against the Oozing Death.
2230 Barnabas Crowe is called into service as a battle surgeon for Laetifico.
2235 Neceron "the Winged Terror" starts rampaging through the west destroying anything in its path. The Great Western War is ended as the kingdoms band together to battle the new foe.
2245 Neceron is defeated by Visas Fallar. Visas Fallar becomes a hero of Laetifico.
2436 The Mysterious Purple Fog appears.
2660 Barnabas Crowe saves the life of Otto Alvarez and is rewarded by the noble house of Alvarez with work as a family healer.
2710 Barnabas Crowe discovers necromancy has begun to spread across Darvasi. He leaves the Alvarez family to stop the spread of necromancy.
3529 The mining town of Heath is founded by Klemwocketninmalkin.
3582 The town of Heath is re-settled as a trading and hub between the Corthin Kingdom and the Dröst Empire.
3594 The kingdoms of Corthin and Dröst begin battling over the neutral lands between the two kingdoms.
3595 Docilius Meridicanth Armiger is born in the small town of Cynara in the Corthin Kingdom.
3598 Andwise Kindlefinger is born in Heath.
3614 Docilius Meridicanth Armiger called into service for Battlemage unit of the Corthin Kingdom.
3621 Fröstewölste is born in the Dor'Mar Mountains.
3624 The Battle of Heath ends in a large explosion of energy destroying the town and both armies, and ending the conflict between Corthin and Dröst. In response to the massive destruction, a movement for the regulation and control of magic begins. Andwise Kindlefinger disappears.
3630 The Mage's Guild is founded as an organization in charge of preventing the tragedy of Heath from reoccurring. Docilius Armiger becomes the first Arch Mage.
3635 Barnabas Crowe forms a unit in the Mage's Guild dedicating to hunting down necromancers and eradicating necromancy from Darvasi. The unit is dubbed "Lifeforce." Liviana Rossi is born in Barattare.
3645 Livana Rossi runs away from the Rossi estate where she is eventually taking under the wing of powerful crime boss, Costanzo. She becomes addicted to Slide.
3646 Fröstewölste marries Myra Sharpe against khin traditions.
3651 Costanzo attempts to kill Livana Rossi. She is forced to change her name to Anatevka and flee into hiding. Fröstewölste is kidnapped by Drake. He escapes six months later.
3655 The events of the Grand Unification Campaign.
3656 The events of the Mithryn Campaign.
3661 After years infiltrating Costanzo's organization, Anatevka finally gets close enough and assassinates Costanzo, sending his organization into chaos.
3670 Anatevka manages to bring all factions of Costanzo's former organization under her control and expand it signifigantly.
3676 At the age of 41, Anatevka is killed by her lieutenant under the control of the wizard Uimir Blajes.
3681 The Darvasi Trade Council is founded in an effort to prevent further wars through international trade and diplomacy. Docilius Armiger dies of natural causes.
3693 The events of the Enemy Within Campaign
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