Agrand is a moderately-sized, extremely crowded city within the kingdom of Sollicitus and is the seat of power within the March of Agrand. It is build predominantly of granite and defended by thick walls It is well known for its lush public gardens and beautiful gems. Most of its revenue comes from trade up the Ugion River which runs through it's walls.


Agrand is located within the Videlicet region in the nation of Sollicitus just inside the border with Laetifico. It is on the outskirts of the Serzhin Jungle on the Ugion River which is used for trade.

Southeast of the city walls, the city has a major mining operation in the jungle. Many gems have been found in the area and the city is practically run off of the gem trade.

The JungleEdit

The Serzhin Jungle just outside the city walls is considered extremely dangerous. It is filled with many deadly creatures and extremely hard to navigate. There is a path to the mining complex located in the jungle and it is advised that one never wanders off the path nor travels it at night. This advise is frequently not heeded by daredevils looking for adventure and it is not uncommon for someone to go missing.

The creatures of the jungle are a constant threat, and there are watchmen posted at the city gates to prevent any attacks. The mining complex itself is also walled and heavily guarded. If a hostile force attacks the complex, there is a warning horn blown to alert the city of a likely threat.


Agrand has a population of approximately 8,730 citizens, and has a more diverse population than most of Sollicitus. Many people of other races come to trade, and challenge the jungle in various deadly risks to prove they are the best. The city is known for its skilled hunters and daring risk takers as well as it's high quality gems.

Royal FamilyEdit

Marquess Marcus Aurewald (55) is the current ruler of Agrand and is seen my many to be a kind and benevolent ruler. He is married to Maria (51) who bore him one child: Sophia (25). Sophia is next inline to rule the march and has taken over several tasks as training for that day. She is considered to be as benevolent as her father, but she is tough on criminal activity.

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