Etan Wiki
Natural Form
Vital Statistics
Creator Skoros
Average Height 5'0"-6'0" (Natural Form)
Average Weight 125-250 lbs. (Natural Form)
Maturity Unknown
Life Span Unknown

A thousand lips, a thousand tongues,
A thousand throats, a thousand lungs,
A thousand ways to make it true,
I want to do terrible things to you.

Amoveo are a race of shapeshifters. They reside deep underground and have no ability of sight. They can appear identical to another form, be it humanoid, animal, or even inanimate. However, in their natural form, they appear as mannequins, a featureless face without eyes, mouth, or hair. Since they are able to emulate hair and clothing by shifting, they actually do feel with what appears to be said hair and clothing.

Amoveo do not have genders or even reproduce with one another. Rather, they usually infiltrate society under the guise of an attractive person and seduce a humanoid. Whether or not this is their strategy, they must obtain some sort of organic material from a humanoid. They then base their offspring off of this material, always creating an Amoveo, but with personality traits and a favored disguise reflecting the humanoid parent.