Andwise Kindlefinger

(3598AL - 3655AL)

Vital Statistics
Campaign Grand Unification Campaign
Race Halfling
Gender Male
Birthplace Heath

Andwise Kindlefinger is a thin and twitchy halfling often seen in a charred tunic with a balding and singed head. He has a certain affinity for fire and prefers to stay hidden in the shadows from which he strikes with his pyromancy.


Andwise was a mage who was born in the town of Heath. He lived a particularly uneventful life working in his father's inn which he eventually inherited.

Battle of HeathEdit

One day, an army from the kingdom of Corthin positioned itself outside of town. When the Dröst Empire found out about the hidden army, they attacked Heath. The city was destroyed in the resulting battle and most of the inhabitants were killed. However, just before the explosion that leveled the town, a magical anomaly pulled Andwise into a pocket dimension.

Dimensional PrisonEdit

In the pocket dimension, Andwise found himself in a the middle of a field at night. The field seemed to stretch on no matter how far he traveled. The sun never appeared and the moon never fell. It just seemed to linger in the heavens watching Andwise's every move. Andwise slowly went mad and developed a great fear of the moon. He spent 30 years in this realm, though to him it seemed only like months, long torturous months.

Involvement in Grand Unification CampaignEdit

In 3655AL, Andwise was expelled from the pocket dimension into the tower of Nathaniel. From there he joined up with the group attempting to capture Nathaniel. He then took part in trapping and stopping the necromancer, Drake. Once Drake was defeated, Glagawal and later, the dragon Neceron attacked Narrent. Once these were defeated, the tower of Nathaniel was brought down by unknown forces. As the tower was collapsing, a vine shot out of the base of the tower and pulled Andwise into the tower as it was falling. Andwise was never heard from again.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Before the Battle of Heath, Andwise looked like a typical halfling merchant. After, being expelled from the pocket dimension, Andwise had an all together unkempt appearance. His face is usually scorched and his hair burned off while his clothing is covered in burns and missing sections.


Andwise is a powerful fire mage who is particularly adept at setting things on fire from the shadows. He is however hindered by his fear of the moon and lack of stable mental capabilities.

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