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Vital Statistics
Title Wise One
Divine Level Greater
Domains Air, Wisdom
Creations Air, Etan, Humans, Elves
Gender Male
Wisdom grows wings on the mind. May the Wiseman soar with the ever-wise owl.
  — Ardel

Ardel (are-DEL), the Wise, is the God of Air and one of the Sator created by Arwaith before the ordering of the universe.


Ardel created the element of air, and like all the Sator, had a hand in ordering time, and creating Etan and the humans in the early days of the Age of Creation.

At the beginning of the Divine Schism, Ardel altered humans and created elves.


Ardel is very wise and often consulted for guidance. He is usually considered the most intelligent deity with the exception of Nerunelümo.


Ardel's worshipers are mostly elves. However, many monks, Arcanists, and wisemen worship him as well.