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Vital Statistics
Title Trademaster
Divine Level Minor
Domains Trade, Slavery
Gender Male
A golden heart can buy you only so much, but a silver tongue can buy you anything.
  — Aurum

Aurum (aw-RUM), the Trademaster is the god of trade. His views are considered controversial in some parts of the world, but he still affiliates himself with the Sator.


During the Divine Wars and the Divine Schism, Aurum always sided with whomever could provide to most profit and stability. Among the Sator, he prefers Ogden because he shares Aurum's distaste for risk.


Aurum is willing to put a price on practically anything, and was a supporter of the concept of slavery. He enjoys bartering and will barter on just about anything, even for the sake of bartering its self. He enjoys finding and bartering stable deals, and he does not enjoy instability. He despises gambling which sometimes puts him at odds with Casusa.

Aurum is commonly seen as a cruel and cold god because he care about profit more than anything else. However, he still has a fair number of worshipers.


Followers of the Trademaster included saquan, traders, negotiators, and slavers.

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