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Vital Statistics
Title The Strong
Status Unknown
Divine Level Racial
Gender Male

Bardel (bar-DEL), the Strong was once a Dwarf of immense strength, even for his own kind. Like Adderick, he led an army loyal to the Sator and all their creations. He was uplifted into an extuli and sat on the Council of Valdûn.


Bardel's army's strength and fearlessness of death would strike fear into their opponents. Aurnyrarm, or The Gold Axe Legion, was witenessed by Valdûn and branded with Chorrah. As a god brands a mortal with a Chorrah, the mortal becomes a divine being. Due to Bardel being the leader of the legion, he was given the dwarven seat on Valdûn's council.


Bardel was a strong dwarf, able to grapple with hill giants. He did not fear death, but was not careless, even in his terrifying fits of rage.


Bardels mortal followers were generally Dwarves. They were often Knights and holy defenders, men of great honor and strength. The most loyal followers seemed able to grant strength in those around them.

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