Serpent of the Still
Vital Statistics
Creator Skoros
Average Height 20-30 feet
Average Weight Unknown
Maturity 30
Life Span 100

Upon witnessing the dragons created by Arwaith and the Sator, Skoros decided to make an attempt at creating one.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

The Basilisk is a gigantic serpent, though in spite of it being an attempt at a Dragon, Skoros only managed to give it a size that is dwarfed by dragons and is even smaller than the wild wyvern. Even so, it is still a great threat. It's sight is very keen, and it can sense footsteps by laying it's chin to the ground. It's bite is horribly poisonous, though it's most noticible and dangerous feature is it's "stonegaze" which can kill living beings if their eyes meet directly. However, if the stonegaze is through a medium such as glass or reflection, it will paralyze the victim.


The Basilisk prefers dark, enclosed, damp places, such as water caverns or sewers. Being cold-blooded, they do not make their home in the north, staying in warm, humid climates to the south.

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