Creation Edit

In 6124AL, during the Mage War, the kingdom of Corthin set up a large army in the town of Heath. They were intending on using Heath as a forward base from which they would attack the Dröst Empire. Dröst spies discovered the Corthin base and the Empire launched a preemptive attack on Heath. The Battle of Heath turned into the largest battle of the Mage War. During the battle, several magi pooled their energy together to launch at the opposing side. The resulting blast leveled Heath, nearly obliterated both armies, and turned a large amount of the surrounding land into magical wastelands, thus creating the Blasted Lands.

Environment Edit

The Blasted Lands are a desolate, lifeless wasteland. The blast that created the Blasted Lands leveled and destroyed nearly all flora and fauna in the area. Anything that was left over eventually moved on to other lands or died. Consequently, there is not natural life in the Blasted Lands. There are however, many magically created creatures roaming around.

Magical Remnants Edit

The blast that created the Blasted Lands left behind a great deal of magical energy that runs through the area erratically. The energy manifests in many ways ranging from lightning or firestorms to randomly conjured creatures. These effects are impossible to predict, sometimes manifesting or ceasing in a manner of seconds.

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