Casalinga is the capital of the kingdom of Saurunal and seat of power of Padrino Nazario DeAlvise. It is the second largest port on Sossel Island, second only to the capital of its rival of Swynvale. The city is extremely crowded and contains a diverse population due to the large amount of trade that passes through. The city is well know for its large and extravagant marketplace which also houses the royal palace.


Casalinga is located within the Sossel region on the northwest end of Sossel Island. It is on the end of a cape where the city is practically surrounded by water and ports. It is on one of the few areas not covered by the Sosselian Jungle.


Casalinga has a population of approximately 29,083 citizens. It contains a population of many different races and sees many more people just passing through.

Royal FamilyEdit

Padrino Nazario DeAlvise (41) is the king of Saurunal and Casalinga. However he usually leaves everyday city functions to Duke Aurelio Vittorio (28). Nazario is married to Damiana (37) who bore him two sons: Torasando (23), and Thrassando (20). Torasando is the current heir to the throne and one of Saurunal's leading generals. Thrassando was lost to pirates in 6190AL in battle.

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