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Vital Statistics
Title Lady Luck
Divine Level Minor
Domains Luck
Creations Halflings
Gender Female
They say that luck favors the prepared. My children are always prepared.
  — Casusa

Casusa (kah-SOO-sah), or Lady Luck, is the goddess of Luck and creator of halflings. She is the only minor god to have created intelligent life, a fact that baffles the other gods who thought only the Sator and Arwaith were capable of such feats.


After Casusa arrived, two new mortal races appeared on Etan. First the gnomes mysteriously appeared. This surprised, baffled, and even worried the other gods because they had no idea how the gnomes came to be. Years later, halflings appeared as suddenly as the gnomes. Casusa claimed responsibility for the halflings. The other gods did not believe her at first because minor gods cannot create intelligent life. Casusa eventually convinced the other gods of her responsibility saying she, "just got lucky."

During the First Divine War and the Divine Schism, Casusa did not take sides. She instead chose to help out whomever seemed to need the most luck. During the Second Divine War, she usually fought against Arwaith, wanting to protect her creations.


Casusa is a very fun-loving daring individual. She enjoys taking risk, probably because she's always lucky enough to pull them off. She is always rooting for the under-dog and enjoys seeing a someone defeated by an inferior opponent.


Halflings, gamblers, and farmers make up the general population of Casusa's following.

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