Etan Wiki
Centaur Archer
Vital Statistics
Creator Etan
Average Height 6'9"-7'0"
Average Weight 1100-1150 lbs.
Maturity 50
Life Span 250

Centaurs are the soldiers of the forest.

The second worst crime an intruder of the Forest can commit is vandalism. Such is punishable by quick death without question. Though were a man to attempt saddling my kin, he'd be dragged behind me through the thickest of thorns.

Physical Appearance[]

Centaurs possess the body of a horse below the waist and the head and torso of a human above the waist. Their lower half can take the appearance of any horse while the upper half tends to be very muscular, and hairy on the males but fair and fine on the females. The hair color of their tails and heads are one and the same. Nudity among these beings is very widely accepted. In fact, clothing is not widely accepted.


Very territorial, Centaurs have labeled themselves defenders of the forest, looking to any other forest creature as something that needs protecting. This attitude leaves them often hostile and distrusting, even though they usually mean well.


Centaurs have little structure to their culture. They have no cerimonies aside from funerals and trials. Though for them, a funeral involves burrying the dead in a place where the ground could use some nutrients. The trials are held whenever an outsider is found in the forest. It is to determine whether or not the outsider is a threat to the forest.


Like all forest folk, they worship Etan above all else. Upon learning about the "Guardians of the Mother," they have chosen to pray to them as well.

The Taboo of the "Unnatural Eternal"[]

Centaurs have the uncanny ability to sense anything that has been corrupted by Necromancy, the cheating of death and a horrid taboo in their eyes. A vampire that has recently feasted and looks as alive as ever is still blatently undead to them. Even if a person casted one necromantic spell long ago, the centaur can tell.


The Centaurs and all forest folk speak a language known as Ancient Etan, though they call it Ve'edai Me'lin, or "Our People's Speech." Most Centaur, especially elders, can speak Common for the sake of trials.


Centaurs are given names upon birth. Like their language, each name is rather poetic.

Life and Death[]

According to Centaurs, they can be born through procreation, though if a forest with no guardians grows large enough, two centaur will be born of "the Mother," or Etan, apparently born of no parents, as opposed to centaurs from other forests migrating to the new one. Incest is not taboo, nor a hinderance to their genes, allowing them to create a decent population with few centaurs. If a forest is destroyed, the inhabiting centaurs will die within four "tempers," referring to seasons as changes in Etan's mood. Once born in a certain forest, the guardians are bound to it.