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The Church of Valdûn
Number of Gods/Deities 1 God, 7 Deities
Type of Following Knights, Guardians
General Acceptance Level High
Save the Passionate, save the Kind,
Save the Brave and strong of Mind,
Save the Lucky, save the Odd,
Save the Ancients from the Gods.
  — The Prayer of Valdûn

The Council of Valdûn is a council with one representative from each race aligned against Arwaith.


During the Second Divine War, Valdûn elevated several members of each race to assist in the fight against Arwaith. These armies of Extuli each chose a leader to represent their race before the Sator. Valdûn formed a council of these representatives to help the leaders ensure that their race's needs were being met.


The original members of the council were appointed during the Second Divine War. When the Divine Barrier was formed, the extuli went into hiding to protect the mortals quietly. It is unknown which, if any, of the original council survived the barrier's construction, or which survive to this day.

Original Members
Member Race
Adderick Human
Bardel Dwarf
Daldur Gnome
Isay Halfling
Noldol'sul Elf
Sanare Saquan
Volkhüter Khin