The Cult of the Dark Lords
Number of Deities 5
Type of Following Cultists, Dark Races (Orcs, Ecanin, etc.)
General Acceptance Level Banned

The Cults of the Dark Lords are made of of any religion worshiping Arwaith and his allies. All followers of these gods are secretive about it in society, as someone found guilty of Dark Lord worship is quickly sentenced to be hanged, stoned, beheaded, or executed some other way.


Arwaith, the Tyrant, the Moon, the King is the leader of the Dark Lords and Father to all gods. He finds mortal life to be an affront to divine life and wishes it to be destroyed. He has twice assaulted Etan in an attempt to destroy it.


Skoros, the Traitor, the Spider, the Black Joker is Arwaith's general and right-hand-man. Arwaith created him after the First Divine War to go to Etan as a friend. There he was to sew seeds of distrust among the Sator and set them against each other in preparation for Arwaith's return. He enjoys jokes and often tricks others just to prove he can, leaving his loyalty toward Arwaith somewhat questionable.

Lady IaphEdit

Iaph, the Temptress, the Mistress is Skoros' lover and the goddess of lust. She is not a passionate lover. Instead, she uses her appeal to gain leverage. Her relationship with Skoros is a double-bladed sword of tricks. The both of them simply gaining what they can from the other. The only reason they remain a pair is because, at the very least, they can still gain entertainment from backstabbing each other.


Mortis, Death, the Broken Heir was meant to be Arwaith's god of knowledge, a replacement fo Nerunelümo. Arwaith created him during the First Divine War to gather information on the protectors of Etan. Unfortunately, the Sator quickly figured him out and chased him back to Nex. When Arwaith was forced to retreat, Mortis stayed behind to cover the retreat. The Sator captured and banished him along with Nex to another realm. In that realm, his divine power allows him to make powerful beings which Arwaith may choose to pull through to Etan and use as weapons and soldiers.


Vomica, Pestilence, the Ever-Dying is the god of disease. He was created by Arwaith during the First Divine War to attack the inhabitants of Etan directly. Any disease that affects mortals was created by him. To him, each disease has a meaning, and he can practically speak to his followers in a cryptic language of ailments.

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