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Vital Statistics
Title The Legitimate
Status Unknown
Divine Level Racial
Gender Male

Daldur (dal-DER), the Legitimate was once a Gnommish blind seer. He was uplifted into an extuli and sat on the Council of Valdûn.


He and the rest of the Order of the Star would commonly provide those loyal to the Sator with prophesies that would aide them in their fights to protect Etan. Most of the Order was born with sight, but gave up their sight of the present in order to gain sight in the future. Their talent of foresight--as well as the gods' ability to comprehend them--attracted the attention of Valdûn, and so, he branded them with Chorrah. Because he was the founder and leader of the Order, Daldur was given the gnommish seat on Valdûn's council.


Daldur was a humble, wise, and disciplined Gnome. Like all Extuli, even when threatened with death, he did not stop in his mission to protect Etan.


Daldur's followers were mostly Gnomes. They were most commonly monks and seers. The most loyal followers seemed able to grant those around them dreams of foresight.

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