Map of the continent of Darvasi in 3656AL

Darvasi is a major continent in the world of Etan. It is believed to have had more attention from the gods. Therefore, "experts" believe that is has suffered the least of all the continents, though it is not really made clear how anyone could possibly ascertain this.


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The continent includes terrain that is as varied as any other with climates ranging from northern tundra to southern rainforests and deserts. The continent surrounds a large sea which serves as a major trade route for many of the bordering nations. The north is covered in tundra south to the Dor'Mar Mountain Range. The continent has three more mountain ranges: one in the east, one in the west, and one in the central south. The southern edge of the continent is dominated by the vast Serzhen Jungle. South of the continent, seperated by the Strait of Sossel, is the tropical land of Sossel. The continent includes the following geographic and political regions:


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This region is a vast expansive wilderness with difficult winters, barbarian tribes, and many undocumented dangers. It is a mostly untamed region bounded by the Dor'Mar Mountains. This area contains:


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This region is bounded by the Dor'Mar Mountains and includes a few settlements as well as the large tundra that covers the northern coasts of Darvasi. The region also contains:


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The western region of Darvasi includes the Aur'Mar Mountain Range and the largest collection of orc tribes in the continent. The west includes:


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These lands lie bewteen the Dor'Mar Mountains and the Larian Sea and include some of the most naturally alive areas on Darvasi. The notable areas within this region include:


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The east is probably the most environmentally chaotic area of the continent. The lands are frequently dangerous and present many challenges to adventurers. This region includes:


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This region contains some of the oldest human settlements on Darvasi. Located in this area are:


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These lands lie to the south of the Larian Sea and contains the Marnarn'Mar Mountains and the Andor Peninsula. The south also includes:


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This region is a collection of islands dominated by the island of Sossel. Many of the larger islands are inhabited and colonized by a near-by nation. This region includes:

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