The Mage's Guild of Darvasi was created after the Mage War between Corthin and Dröst to prevent the misuse of magic.

History Edit

There had always been mage guilds throughout the many cities of Darvasi. Each representing the community's caster population. However, these guilds were not affiliated with each other and rarely associated with each other.

In 3624 AL, the Mage War ended with the a massive magical explosion at the Battle of Heath. This extreme discharge of magic served as a sign of just what kind of power magic could release. Several survivors of the battle went on to start a movement to regulate magic to ensure that no such event occurs again.

After gathering support for six years, the guilds were unified under one council with a consistent structure and regulations. The became the singular Mage's Guild of Darvasi.

Founding Members Edit

Several magi were involved in the formation of the Mage's Guild. The members who assembled and signed the first Mage's Guild charter went on the become the first Triumvirate and Executioners:

Locations Edit

Headquarters Edit

When the Mage's Guild was founded, they hired the best experts to construct the their headquarters. The location was kept secret and those working on it were teleported to the location to prevent them from figuring out where it is. All that is known about it's location is its high in the mountains where it cannot be reached by land.

Branches Edit

The Mage's Guild holds several branch offices to observe the locale area which are headed by an assigned officer. These offices have a teleportation link to the headquarters for important guild business as well as quarters for any magi stationed there or traveling by.

Hierarchy Edit

The Mage's Guild's structure is hierarchical and divided into five rank levels.

Triumvirate Edit

Executors Edit

Officers Edit

Members Edit


Most magi in the guild are of the lowest rank of initiate as there are no limits to their numbers. Those of this rank are usually new magi to the guild, or those who wish to be a part of the guild without getting heavily involved. Initiates receive several benefits, such as housing during travel. To become an initiate, one must only apply for guild membership at any branch office. After a short records check, applicants are almost always admitted.

Departments Edit

The Mage's Guild has several departments formed to perform specific tasks within the guild's duties.

Lifeforce Edit

Main article: Lifeforce

Lifeforce is the necromancer hunting department of the Mage's Guild. Charged with hunting down necromancers and putting an end to their practices, Lifeforce prefers to operate in secret to make it easier to track their targets.

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