The Divine Wars are two wars fought by the Sator and other gods against Arwaith in the protection of Etan.

The First Divine War Edit

In the Age of Creation, 2350 years after the Sator ordered time, Etan was populated by many of the Sator's creations, including humans. Many other gods created by Arwaith had joined the Sator at Etan and all enjoyed and prospered on Etan. Suddenly, Arwaith returned. The gods mostly ignored him, much as he had done with them. Arwaith saw Etan, filled with life. Thinking he was the only one with the power to create life, he became enraged at the sight of the humans. He went to the Sator and demanded that they return time and space to its original form, destroying Etan. The Sator refused to destroy everything they had created. Arwaith attacked in a blind rage and a great war broke out among the gods. The Sator, with the help of most of the minor gods, were able to drive Arwaith away, but not before a great devastation was unleashed upon Etan.

The Second Divine War Edit

In the Age of Gods, 2000 years after the defeat of Arwaith in the First Divine War, Arwaith returned to Etan in an attempt to have his revenge. He brought dragons and many other evil creations to destroy Etan. He humself attacked the Sator who had been weakened by several years of fighting amongst each other, instigated by Skoros. The Sator no longed trusted each other due to Skoros's treachery and refused to assist each other in their fights against Arwaith. Arwaith had little trouble fighting off the other gods, and many were killed, their power returning to Arwaith. His minions on Etan began systematically killing all life on Etan. Ten years after the return of Arwaith, the Sator, along with the minor gods, unite to fight Arwaith together. After two more years of conflict, the gods were still having trouble keeping Arwaith and his minions at bay. They formulate a despirate plan to save Etan from Arwaith's wrath. They channel their energy to create a barrier that will prevent Arwaith from exerting anymore control over Etan. Unfortunately, the Divine Barrier would not only banish Arwaith from Etan, but all gods. It takes a lot of effort to convince enough gods to set it up, but just as Arwaith was about to crush Etan the Divine Barrier was erected, ending the Second Divine War and the Age of Gods.

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