Elven evolved over time from Ancient Etan and Common. It is an elegant and romantic language.

Speakers of ElvenEdit

Like other racial languages, the main speakers are the corresponding race, elves. Diplomats and traders also speak Elven.

Words of ElvenEdit

Aelael is what elves call their own language.

The Races According to AelaelEdit

Common - Translation (Pluralization)

Dragon - Pandryl (Pandryl)

Dwarf - Pas (Pasaer)

Elf - Aer (Ael)

Gnome - Kysti (Kystaer)

Halfling - Cyrdor (Caldom)

Human - Edan (Edanis)

Khin - Col (Colthyr)

Orc - Orqu (Os)

Saquan - Mazel (Mazelaedi)

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