Events surrounding the Cult of Arwaith begin to unfold in the city of Agrand. Meanwhile, strange metals are found in the mines just outside town.

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Churis Shermes

Main article: Churis Shermes

A local investigator in the city of Agrand. He is known to frequent the Drunken Dragon and drink a lot when a case isn't going well.

Dekran Salvanis

Main article: Dekran Salvanis

A local farmer from the city of Agrand.

Jonnie Peril

Main article: Jonnie Peril

An adventurer looking for the Cult of the Tehranai and vandals of the local temple of Glaile.

Loxmeister Jamboogly

Main article: Loxmeister Jamboogly

The gnome cook at the Drunken Dragon in Agrand. In the gnomish tradition, he worships Gilbert Gottfried, a deity most insist does not exist.

Thrassando DeAlvise

Main article: Thrassando DeAlvise

A saquan who wandered into Agrand along the coast of the Ugion River.

Weradin Blackbeard

Main article: Weradin Blackbeard

A dwarf nearing the end of his apprenticeship from the Dor'Dwarkar clans. He is visiting Agrand to investigate rumors of a strange new metal in the mines just outside the city.

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Vicis, Estus 13 Thrassando DeAlvise arrives in the port of Agrand where he heads to a local tavern. At the castle, there is an explosion that the which causes much of the populace to investigate. Thrassando, as well as Weradin Blackbeard and the tavern's cook Loxmeister Jamboogly leave the tavern and head towards the explosion. On the way, Weradin is run into by man later determined to be an escaped criminal who quickly leaves Weradin. Churis Shermes, a local investigator also heads to the scene where he finds the explosion happened on the outside wall of a dungeon cell of the castle. He questions the guard captain who informs Churis that the cell is part of an empty cell block. Churis then heads inside the castle and finds the cells to be empty with the door shut and barely hanging on its hinges. After questioning some of the populace, Churis, followed by Thrassando, Weradin, and Jamboogly, heads to the nearest gate to find the potential escaped criminal, but the trail dies at the gate. The team then heads back to the Drunken Dragon to drink for the rest of the night.
Humus, Estus 14 When Churis awakes, a man comes up to Churis and informs him that there is new evidence near the crime scene. The team heads to an alley near the castle where the man shows them a device that could be used to cause an explosion like the one at the castle. The device is found to have a symbol of the Cult of Arwaith on it. The team investigates a building further down the alley and finds an alter dedicated to Arwaith in the basement. On the alter, they find two amulets, and a cult signet ring. Thrassando and Weradin return to the Drunken Dragon while Churis and Jamboogly question guards at the castle. The guards report that there are no prisoners from other cells and Churis finds a charred body in the exploded cell. The body is in charred prisoner's clothes and determines to most likely be a human. Churis and Jamboogly return to the Drunken Dragon where they are approched by Dekran Salvanis a local farmer who challenges Weradin to a gambling contest which Weradin wins. The team then heads to the Seven Sage Taproom where they attempt to question Elwyn Lannis III who insistes he knows nothing about the explosion.
Ignis, Estus 15 Weradin heads out to the nearby mining complex and Dekran head back to his farm. The rest of the team heads to the Fiery Troll Clubhouse to contact Ivanna Lootsit. She informs them that there is a house in the slums that seems to have something involving the Cult of Arwaith. They head to the slums to investigate and find the home filled with papers in an several different languages and warnings of someones arrival. They then find a stone under the bed that matches a diagram in the papers. When Jamboogly picks the stone up, four ghosts appear and the team is barely able to defeat them. The team heads to the local university to have the papers translated. On the way, they run into Dekran who joins them. The professor informs the team that the papers seem to be talking about a plot to summon one of Arwaith's monsters to Darvasi and pave the way for Arwaith himself. He explains that the papers mention a series of four stones that could be used to stop the monster and several contacts who are also looking for the stone. They return to the Drunken Dragon to retire for the night. Jonnie Peril arrives in Agrand after tracking a vandal from Thardum. The vandal, Skynnyrd Styx, burned a temple of Glaile in Thardum to the ground and murdered all the priests. Jonnie heads to the local temple of the Sator and discovers that word of the temple burning had not yet reached Agrand and Skynnyrd seems to have disappeared. He retires to the temple to begin investigating the next day.
Unda, Estus 16 Weradin is awoken by the sound of battle in the mining camp. He investigates and finds strange creatures attacking the inhabitants of the camp. He successfully defends himself from the nearby creatures and escapes from the camp heading to Agrand. Once in town, he heads to the Drunken Dragon to meet up with the others. When Thrassando awakens, he is informed that another saquan had been by asking about him. The barkeep tells him the saquan will be returning around noon. After asking around, Jonnie is led to a shack in the slums where he discovers the shack had been emptied. A local resident informs him that a group had been through that shack recently and directs Jonnie to the Drunken Dragon. The saquan looking for Thrassando shows up and Thrassando discovers it is his brother, Torasando. Torasando informs him that their father has been acting strange lately, removing kingdom's defenses in a mad quest for counterparts of a strange stone he found. Torsando explains that he fell from his father's grace when he confronted the king about it. When word can that Thrassando was still alive after three years, he insisted he go look for him. However, the king banished Torsando, seeming not to care about Thrassndo. Torsando left in search in the hope that the king would listen to Thrassando. The group decided to head to Casalinga to allow Thrassando to confront his father, and so they can look for a contact about the stones who the cultist's papers indicate are there. Jonnie Peril over hears their conversation and asks to join with them since they seem to be working towards the same goal. Churis remains behind to investigate further, planning on joining up with them later. The group sails down the Ugion River to Thardum and is ambushed by creatures similar to the ones that attacked the mining camp.
Aer, Estus 17 The group arrives in Thardum and board Torssando's ship, the Ludovica, to set sail for Casalinga. That night, four ghosts appear in the sleeping hold of the ship and the group is forced to fend them off.
Vita, Estus 18 The Ludovica is attacked by pirates with a schooner and 5 yawls. The group manages to repel or sink the yawls and boards the schooner. Churis arrives aboard an airship and joins the battle. The battle ends in a draw as both sides begin loosing several men. The group breaks off the boarding and sets sail for Ania'sama.
Vicis, Estus 19 The group arrives in Ania'sama and begins repairs to the Ludovica as Torsando goes to the town to recruit new sailors. Jonnie heads to Marbleshore Point and Churis stays on the airship that landed just outside town. The group stays at a local inn for the night.
Humus, Estus 20 When the group awakens, there is a large explosion in from the port. When they investigate, they find the Ludovica to be the source of the explosion and engulfed in flames. They decide to take the airship the rest of the way to Casalinga.
Ignis, Estus 21 The group arrives in Casalinga, where they head to confront the king. There they find the Duke Aurelio Vittorio speaking for Padrino Nazario DeAlvise. Thrassando challenges the Duke asking why Nazario does not speak for himself and why Nazario is still in power in his weak state. They discussion ends with Thrassando attacking the Duke, and Churis knocking the Duke unconscious. Nazario appears to return to a more capaple and healthy state and has Vittorio taken away. Jonnie then begins inquiring about a stone in the throne room. Nazario explains that the stone seems to be dangerous and advises that the group not take it, but does not want the stone to stay either. The group asks the high priest of Glaile to inspect the stone. She says it was made by a being with divine power, but of power lesser than a god. She also explains that is seems to be some sort of key, but it also tries controlling the minds of those around it. The group decides to take the stone to have it destroyed. That night a grand celebration is held honoring the return of Nazario's sons. During the celebration, the stone is handed to Thrassando.
Unda, Estus 22 The group is attacked by ghosts again which they are able to defeat. The group awakens in the morning to depart to Lethunial. Torsando stays behind to take over after Nazrio retires. Torsando gives Thrassando the Ring of Sanare as a gift before the group departs aboard the airship.
Aer, Estus 23 The airship sinks into the Mysterious Purple Fog.
Unda, Estus 28 The group emerges from the fog with different equipment in the evening. There is a floating head-sized stone with one eye that identifies itself as Simon with them. Simon insists that the group heads to a nearby cave to hide from "the monster" that is following them. The group heads to the cave and rests there for the night.
Aer, Estus 29 The group awakens to find Simon gone. They decide to head to the north through the Badlands. They make it to the Badlands and camp just outside.
Humus, Altusolis 2 The group is attacked by ghosts in the middle of the night. The group is able to defeat the ghosts. The group finds a group of wandering merchants in the Badlands. The merchants offer to assist the group which the group turns down. Thrassando purchases wood from the merchants. The group continues north towards the Harenya'duin River.
Unda, Altusolis 4 The group is attacked by ghosts in the middle of the night and is able to defeat the ghosts. The group reaches the Harenya'duin River and begins following it east.
Vita, Altusolis 6 The group arrives in Eskaduin. They are required to go through a customs house to enter the city. Most of the group heads the the market district where they find an elder preaching about the return of Arwaith and the end of the world. The group heads to the local tavern to gather information about the elder in the market. Soon, the group becomes aware of a large plume of smoke coming from the temple district where Jonnie went to. The group heads to the temple to find Jonnie in the burning temple unconscious at the feet of someone making a sacrifice at the alter. The group rushes in to save Jonnie and narrowly capture the man and rescue Jonnie. The group interrogates the captive who identifies himself as Skynnyrd Styx. He reveals that he is in search of the Relics of Selenitia, and believes the group has them. He is to steel the relics from the group and bring them to the Rock of Ages. Once the group believed he's told them everything, they kill him. The group then go to gather further information about the elder in the market. As night falls, the group follows the elder to find out where he goes when he's not in the market. They follow him to an abandoned building where he appears to disappear. When Dekran touches the rear wall of the building, a portal opens up and Dekran is deposited in the back of a large lecture hall where the elder is preaching to a room of new recruits to the Cult of Arwiath. The elder follows Dekran back through the portal to the abandoned building where the group ambushes him and beats him to death.
Vicis, Altusolis 7 The group heads out to Loriswyn.
Humus, Altusolis 8 The group arrives at Loriswyn where they meet the elven king. He offers to keep the stones safe for the group. When the group refuses, the king insists and eventually becomes hostile. When the group attempts to leave, the king has the doors shut and locked and orders his minions to attack the group. The group is able to defeat the king only to discover that the king in the throne is a magical summon. The group then fights their way into the castle. A small group of guards lead by the captain of the guard move to help the group. They guide the group to a magically warded door, behind which the king is hiding. The group manages to break through the magical barrier and break down the door. There they find the king covered in olive green, fleshy, and puss-filled nodules. He lunges at the group who is able to slay the king. The guard captain explains that some sort of creature infected the king and slowly transformed him. The creature seemed to spread through out the castle and the guards came under his direct control. The captain overheard the king's seer warned the king that a group would arrive with two stone like the one he kept hidden away. This group would steal the stone from him and be his downfall. The captain knew that he must find this stone and wait till the group arrived so he could help them. When the group arrived he know it was time and managed to resist the control of the king. The captain then breaks open an iron box and pull out a stone just like the ones the group had. He hands the stone to the group and offers them a room to stay for the night.
Ignis, Altusolis 9 The group is awakened by the guard captain who has brought the king's wisest mage. The mage explains that these stones are called the Relics of Selenitia and are a key to destroying a great evil that has lay dormant for millenia. After the Divine Exodus, a weapon from Nex escaped to Etan and ravaged the lands, turning mortals into its own distorted warriors and spies. The great dragons were eventually able to defeat it and with the help of one of the greatest magi of the time, banish it back to Nex. That mage was Selenitia, the creator of the relics. She was able to open a portal to banish the creature through, and then created a large construct to seal the portal and ensure the creature never came back. She also created four elemental stones that when brought to the construct, could be used to destroy the construct and either open or forever seal the portal. Each of the dragons was given one of the stones to guard. Unfortunately, the stones were eventually lost or dispersed to others to guard and their power forgotten. Somehow, the seal had begun to weaken and the creature has been able to send minions forth and has been searching for the Relics. The creature has been gaining power and began destroying lands looking for the relics. Many powerful leaders are now under its control and armies of creature are emerging from the portal in the west Dor'Mar Mountains. The lands of Dor'Dwarkar and Khinreich have been overrun. The fourth Relic is believed to be in the hand of the enemy and most likely at the construct. Once the group is ready to leave, the guard captain desides to join them to attempt to end this threat. The group heads west towards Khinreich.
Aer, Altusolis 11 Thrassando guides the group to the Wyvern Fields. There, Thrassando is able to tame several wyverns that the group is then able to use to fly to the location of the construct.
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