Shepherds of the Forest
Vital Statistics
Creator Etan
Average Height 30-60 Feet
Average Weight Unknown
Maturity 40
Life Span Ageless

Ents are the shepherds of the forest, controlling where trees grow as a sheepdog would control where sheep roam.

Physical AppearanceEdit



Ents look like trees with an obscure face in their bark. In place of hair, there may be moss, vines, and leaves. The females, called dryads, appear far more elegant. As they remain still, they are practically impossible to pick out from the trees.


Ents are very methodical and slow moving and thinking. They consider everything with incredible amounts of thought before actually acting.


The shepherds of the forest plant their roots as they rest in the cold months. For the rest of the year, they roam the woods, "herding" the trees and making sure they grow in a safe environment.


Like all forest folk, the Ents and Dryads worship Etan. They also hold respect toward "The Guardians of the Mother."


Ents speak the oldest dialect of Ve'edai Me'lin. Animals can understand the dialect that centaurs and fey use, but only the Ents can speak directly to the trees, themselves.


Ents names are usually based off of their appearance, such as "Tyl'shurinis," meaning "Mossbeard." Dryads tend to have more poetic names, such as, "Shilis Pinar," meaning "Wind's Dance"

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