Eskaduin (e-skah-DOO-in) is a moderately sized densely populated trade city located in the southern region of Lethunial. It houses the regional Aina'kard which is the seat of power in the southern region. It is also a major point along the trade routes among the Dröst Empire, the Ang'Dwarkar, and the saquan nations in the south.


Eskaduin is located on the east coast of the Inferus region in the southern region of Lethunial. It is situated at the mouth of the Harenya'duin River which is a major trade route through the nearby Badlands.

The city is centered around the port at the mouth of the Herenya'duin River. There is a market district next to the port where most of the merchants stay while in port. Most of the rest of the city is surrounded by walls, and there are several homes outside the walls near the river.

In the northwest corner of the walls is the government district. The government district is surrounded by its own walls and contains the Aina'kard as well as most of the churches and priest's residences.


Eskaduin has a population of approximately 8,790 citizens. Being a major trade stop, there are many citizens of differing races.

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