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Deity Project
This article is within the scope of the Deity Project. This project is dedicated to creating new deities and improving existing deity articles. If you want to participate, please check the project page.

The Deity Project is a project which aims to to add new minor gods to the Etan pantheon and improve existing deity articles.


  • Creation of new minor god pages
  • Expansion of deity stubs
  • Adding deity symbol images
  • Standardize the layout of the deity pages


Adapt all pages to the standard layout and check deity symbol image, infobox and categories.


Section headline required? Content
Icon yes Infobox template.
Icon no Quote template.
Icon yes Short summary that usually looks something like this:

"{{PAGENAME}} {{respell}} is the god/goddess of ..."

In general, it should contain:

  • Name of the deity (and alternative names) in bold.
  • What the deity's domain is.
  • A pronunciation of the deity's name using the {{respell}} template.
Background Icon yes The background story/history for the deity; "When did he/she come to Etan", "What was his/her role in the Divine Wars".
Persona Icon yes The deity's personality.
Worshipers Icon yes The types of mortals who tend to worship the deity.
Notes Icon no For interesting things about the deity which do not fit into other categories. Try to keep this section to a minimum.
Gallery Icon no Cluttering the article with too many images should be avoided. Instead, place them in a gallery at the end if applicable.
Navboxes Icon no Navboxes go at the end of the article.


  • The deity symbol should be a simple symbol representing the deity and include the spiral chorrah. It is preferred that the symbol be in a colored glass orb as well.


The pronunciation should used the {{respell}} template.


All deity infoboxes should at least contain the following fields:

{{infobox deity
| name       = {{PAGENAME}}
| caption    = 
| title      = 
| gender     = 
| domains    = 
| divinelevel= Overgod OR Greater OR Minor OR Racial
| status     = 
| creations  = 
  • The image now defaults to "Image:PAGENAMEsymbol.jpg" with a 250px width.
  • For optional fields which may be applicable in certain cases, please see the {{Infobox_deity}} template documentation.


A deity page should be in the following categories:

General checklistEdit

This is a list of things people should look out for when improving the deity articles:

  • Portal: The deity articles should be linked to from the Pantheon Portal.
  • Headlines: The deity articles should follow the layout described above. This includes naming (including capitalization) and order of the headlines/sections.
  • Notes: The Notes sections should be kept to a minimum. Items placed here should be merged with other sections where applicable. It should also be checked whether there's a more suitable article for a given note - for example, notes relating to quests should be in the quest article, not in the deity one.
  • Tense: Use present tense for all sections except the Background section. For the Background section, use past tense.


To participate, simply add your name below using {{participant|your user name}}. Place every participant on a new line. The list is alphabetized (with the exception of the project leader). Please add your username to the list appropriately.

The Project leader is the person to ask about concerns with the project itself.

For any problems concerning specific edits to deity articles, ask one of the active Project Aids.



  • Add your name to the tasks you are currently working on (simply insert {{repeat}} ~~~, this adds your signature without date)
  • Mark tasks you have completed with {{yes}} ~~~
  • Once all other tasks have been completed, someone else should review the result. This is done to ensure nothing has been overlooked. If that has been done, add {{yes}} ~~~~ to the "peer review" and "complete" columns.

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