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Time is the shackles of the mortals and a tool of the Divine; and I, I have listened, watched, and recorded it all.
  — Nerunelümo
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Etan Wiki is a community that aims to create a fun interactive fantasy world for use by RP gamers and writers alike. For specific content, please choose one of our content portals:

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[refresh]Council of Valdûn - Gathering of the Races

The Council of Valdûn is a council formed by Valdûn as a way for the gods to better protect the mortal races of Etan. The council was made of representatives from each of the mortal races aligned with the gods and Etan. They were the champions of their respective races and chosen to represent the greatest needs of their race. Tasked with being a conduit of the morals to the gods, they advised the gods on any matters of the gods that would effect the mortals.

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Ivan284 Ivan284 25 October 2010

New Skin

Wikia has pushed out a new skin and the old one will not be available after November 3rd. They included a tool called the Theme Designer that kinda got things looking right, but did nothing for the m…

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Ivan284 Ivan284 26 March 2010

New Campaign Starting

A new campaign will be getting underway soon. It will start April 10th at 1:00pm CDT and will happen on Saturday's at 1:00pm CDT. The character creation guidelines are here and I need characters e-ma…

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GurusharGames GurusharGames 20 February 2010

Mithryn Campaign ended

The Mithryn Campaign has ended.

- GurusharGames, November 15, 2009

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GurusharGames GurusharGames 20 February 2010

200 articles

We've hit the 200 article's mark!

- GurusharGames, October 26, 2009

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GurusharGames GurusharGames 20 February 2010

New Main Page

The main page has a new look as well as several links to information about the wiki.

-GurusharGames August 19, 2009

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