The Extuli are a group of mortals that were uplifted by Valdûn to assist the gods in protecting the mortal races. Valdûn made them as close to deities themselves as he could. They have greatly extended life spans, and their most virtuous characteristics are enhanced.


Valdûn sought the greatest champions of each race to be uplifted. These mortals formed armies that were actually capable of resisting the hostile deities' advances. A leader from each race was chosen to form the Council of Valdûn. These leaders are considered the epitome of their respective races.

When the Divine Barrier was erected, many of the extuli perished in the cataclysm. Those that survived continued to protect the mortals where they could, but their decreased numbers and fewer threats to the mortals meant the extuli mostly faded into the shadows of legend.


The extuli have been enhanced with an extended life span. Their respective races' most defining characteristics seem more prominent as well. For instance, the elven extuli are considered some of the most wise mortals, while the khin extuli are considered the most passionate. The extuli are all very skilled in their chosen combat techniques and make for very good warriors.

Current ExistenceEdit

It is not know exactly how long the extuli can live naturally or if they could reproduce with other mortals. This means that the exact number of extuli still alive is unknown, if there are any at all. Legend insists that the extuli live on and continue to protect mortals where they can. Many pray to the Valdûn to send the extuli when in need, and there have been those that claim to be extuli, but these have always been shown to be false claims. In keeping with extuli ways, no extuli has been found using their position for personal glory.

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