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Vital Statistics
Title Passionate One
Divine Level Greater
Domains Fire, Passion
Creations Fire, Etan, Humans, Khin
Gender Female

Faris (FARE-iss), the Passionate One, is the Goddess of Fire and one of the Sator created by Arwaith before the ordering of the universe.


Faris created the element of fire, and like all the Sator, had a hand in ordering time, and creating Etan and the humans in the early days of the Age of Creation.

At the beginning of the Divine Schism, Faris altered humans and created khin.


Faris is passionate and courageous. She can be hot-headed and quick to judge, and is also capable of fierce affection for her creations. She was quick to take up the task of pursuing Arwaith after the great cataclysm at the end of the age of the gods; Some say it was because of her fierce love for mortals, others due to her fierce hatred for Arwaith.

Glaile largely blamed Faris for the original schism of the gods because of her propensity to be wrathful and judgemental.


Faris' worshipers are mostly Khin. Though many elementalists, powerful warriors, and berserkers pray for her blessing as well. Her followers often have a hard time seeing eye to eye with others, due to their fiery anger and passionate following of their codes.

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