A Pixie
Vital Statistics
Creator Etan
Average Height 2-2½ inches
Average Weight 2 ounces
Maturity 10
Life Span Ageless

Fey are tiny playful beings, well known for their beauty and compassion. Unlike centaurs and Ents, they can leave their forest without dying, and are not unheard of as entertainers in society. They are considered the diplomats of the forest.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Fey simply look like 2-inch tall elves with wings of varying insects.


Unlike centaurs, fey are very welcoming. They simply love having travellers stop to play or even just talk. They are talkative beings and tend to be excellent singers.


Fey are often having party after party, spending the evenings surrounded by song and dance.


Fey worship only "the Mother," or Etan. They also pray to the "Guardians of the Mother," but do not worship them.


Naturally, Fey speak Ancient Etan, or Ve'edai Me'lin, but unlike any other race, they have an ability to learn a language just by meeting someone who knows the language.


Like centaurs, fey names are in their own language and translate to something poetic.


Fey do not contruct their dwellings, however, inside the knots in tree trunks, one can find colorfully lit dwellings.


Fey rarely wear clothing, and only in the presence of an outsider. Such "clothing" involves nothing more than tiny leaves covering the nethers and moth silk to tie the leaves in place.


Pixies are the most common form of fey and assumed by many to be the only fey. However, there are wingless fey called brownies. According to legend, long ago, the brownies, gave into evil and insulted Etan. Since then, they seem to have revoked their evil, if they ever had it, and returned to their duty of protecting the forests. They are stuck with traversing the forest on foot to remind them of their sin. It is considered highly taboo to ask them exactly what sin their ancestors committed.

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