Fizzlegrub is the gnomish explorer who discovered the shrine of Glaiegwal at the bed of Sapphire Lake. He came up with a plan to drain the lake so he could explore the shrine. He destroyed a natural dam separating the Sapphire and Grey Rivers. Once the lake was drained he began his exploration of the shrine. He found many runes inside which he spent days translating. The runes told of a ceremonial ritual that would open one's body to the avatar. This allows the avatar to inhabit it and grants the avatar's power to the host.

Fizzlegrub decided to try the ritual to see what kind of power he could obtain. Just as he finished the ritual, a band of heroes entered the shrine. He decided to try his new power on them, but was stopped when Drake showed up and challenged him.

Fizzlegrub retreated and spent weeks learning how to control his new power. Unfortunately, Glaiegwal proved to be too powerful and began to take control of Fizzlegrub instead. Glaiegwal forced Fizzlegrub to assault the city of Narrent. However, the city held back Fizzlegrub and his army of water elementals. Glaiegwal abandoned Fizzlegrub's body leaving him unconscious in the middle of the battlefield. He was arrested by the Mage's Guild and imprisoned for the improper use of magic.

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