Gem Dragons
Gem Dragon
Female Gem Dragon
Vital Statistics
Creator FNORD
Average Height 1'5"
Average Weight 10 lbs.
Maturity 12
Life Span 60

Gem Dragons, while small, have an intimidating look about them. As one trespasses in their territory, the hundreds of them that are nesting will silently stare at the wanderer with a piercing gaze. As the wanderer travels deeper, the only thing visible in the darkness of the mine is the lime-green shimmer of their eyes. The only action that will cause them to attack is to attempt to take gold or gems from the abandoned mine they are nesting in. Anyone foolish or daring enough to do so is immediately attacked by hundreds of Gem Dragons, usually being torn apart into a swift end.

The Goldcliffs are made entirely out of gold, making them an excellent resource. However, they are also the largest gathering of Gem Dragons, making them practically impossible to mine.

Male Gem Dragons are pink or magenta and have larger talons while the females are purple.

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