Physical AppearanceEdit

Ghrel are similar to Saquan in the fact that they appear to be half-human, half-aquatic animal. However, rather than sharing their appearance with fish, they take on an appearance far more similar to sharks. They tend to stand between five and a half feet to a little over six--with the females usually a little taller. Their muscle mass is typically larger, and their skin is surely thicker, bringing their average weight to 200lbs. Their skin varies from grey to tan and their undersides are generally white. They have no hair and their eyes are black or grey.

The lifespan of a Ghrel not killed by violence is typically no longer than 25 years. However, they are often killed by war or domestic skirmishing between rivaling Ghrel. Maturity comes at 5 for the short-lived race.


Like the other dark races, the majority of Ghrel deaths occur between themselves during fights over supremacy. Many more deaths occur in battle with other races, and only a very small number die of natural causes.

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