Cloud Giant (Left), Water Giant (Middle), Earth Giant (Right), Hill Giant (Lower Left), Fire Giant (Lower Right)
Vital Statistics
Creator Arwaith
Average Height 30-70 feet
Average Weight 4000-20000 lbs.
Maturity 100
Life Span Ageless

Giants were created by Arwaith, though being dissatisfied with the result, he chose to enlarge wyverns, creating dragons

Giants vary between the elements.

  • Cloud Giants-Cloud Giants are the tallest and highest on the hierarchy. They appear to be 70-foot-tall, white and blue Elves.
  • Fire Giants-Fire Giants look like 60-foot-tall, red-skinned Khin with burning eyes.
  • Stone Giants-Stone Giants stand only 40 feet high, but they likely have the heaviest blow. They take the appearance of brown Dwarves with large green beards.
  • Water Giants-Water Giants stand 50 feet tall. They are basically colossal Saquan and are second lowest on the Giant hierarchy.
  • Hill Giants-Hill Giants are the most common giant. They stand 30 feet tall and are quite dumb, being dim-witted and easily dodged. They appear to be deformed, hunched humans.
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