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Vital Statistics
Title The Healer
Divine Level Greater
Domains Water, Kindness
Creations Water, Etan, Humans, Saquan
Gender Female

Glaile (GLAY-el), the Healer, is the Goddess of Water and one of the Sator created by Arwaith before the ordering of the universe.


Glaile created the element of water, and like all the Sator, had a hand in ordering time, and creating Etan and the humans in the early days of the Age of Creation.

At the beginning of the Divine Schism, Ardel altered humans and created saquan.


Glaile is kind, compassionate, and often very trusting. She was always the first to welcome new gods to Etan and the last to join in the bickering of the others. She was the last of the Sator to join the schism and create her own race.


Glaile's followers include saquan, healers, generally generous people, and the poor. It's not unheard of for her followers to donate all their worldly possessions to live a nomadic life of doing good wherever they wandered.

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