Etan Wiki
Giant Bronze Golem and Bronze Golem
Vital Statistics
Creator Craftsmen
Average Height Varies
Average Weight Varies
Maturity Sterile
Life Span Ageless

Golems are artificial entities that are created by mortals. They serve a purpose designated by their creator and vary greatly from one golem to the next in appearance, personality, and derective. They can be made out of nearly any shapeable non-organic material. However, Grim Gnomes have mastered the creation of these entities and are able to even make Flesh, Bone, or Muscle Golems.

Types of Golems:[]

  • Iron Golems
  • Bronze Golems
  • Steel Golems
  • Silver Golems
  • Gold Golems
  • Mithryl Golems
  • Clay Golems
  • Stone Golems
  • Wood Golems

Note: Golem types include, but are not limited to these