Grand Duchy of Tasard
(2187 - 3624 AL)
Flag of Tasard
Continent Darvasi
Urban Areas
Rural Areas
Demonym Tasard
Today Part of

The Grand Duchy of Tasard was a duchy covering much of the land between the Dröst Empire and Corthin Kingdom. It was bounded by the Ang'Mar Mountains to the east, Bald Lake to the south, the Dröst Empire and Kobold Hills to the north, and the Larian Sea to the west.

The Duchy was a rather wealthy region, as it contained many trade routes among its neighboring nations as well as with the independent trade city of Bald.

In 3605AL, Emperor Undir of the Dröst Empire attempted to annex the duchy into the empire. He offered the current duke, Duke Delos of Tasard, a kingship under the rule of the empire. The Duke refused and called upon the Corthin Kingom for assistance. The Corthin Kingdom agreed to assist to keep the rapidly expanding empire in check.

Nineteen years later, the war ended with the Battle of Heath in a small town near the center of the duchy. The battle ended in the destruction of the town, both warring armies, and most of the duchy, including the current duke. The remaining viable lands reorganized themselves into small independent baronies.

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