Portals begin opening around the continent causing chaos and destruction. The Party sets out to investigate the source of the portals and their connection to a powerful necromancer that seems to always be near-by a newly opened portal.



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Saquan drug addict who appears to be hiding from drug lords in the small fishing village of Fabul on Sapphire Lake.

Andwise Kindlefinger

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A thin and twitchy halfling often seen in a charred tunic with a balding and singed head. He appeared from a portal and has followed the party since, for lack of any other objective.

Barnabas Crowe

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Mysterious wandering human traveler who is on a mission to hunt down necromancers.

Docilius Armiger

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Elderly human arcane mage and former Arch Mage of the Mage's Guild who retired to the small fishing village of Fabul on Sapphire Lake.


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A khin Battlemage for the Mage's Guild. Has been assigned to investigate the source of the portals cropping up around Darvasi.


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A human who was running from authorities with his friend, Taggert. He seems to have a mysterious special ability.


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A human who was cursed by a dark wizard and became a zombie. On the run from the authorities and searching for the dark wizard, his friend, Sindarien, serves as his guide.


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A human grappler who was chasing down an arson and found himself in a dark forest. He is strangely unaffected by most magic.

Pluvia 15 Sapphire Lake mysteriously drains as the river that feeds it seems to stop flowing. The citizens of the fishing village of Fabul, including Docilius Armiger and Anatevka, begin to migrate south as their way of life can no longer be sustained.
Pluvia 17 The refugees from Fabul arrive in Storquil. Sindarien and Taggart, following a guide in an attempts to flee from the officials, are transported to the continent of Darvasi and find themselves new the town of Storquil. Barnabas Crowe happens to be wandering through Storquil when the town is attacked by mercenaries they drive off the attackers and protect the town. They are able to capture on of the mercenaries who reveals that they are getting paid at a nearby cave and do not actually know who hired them.
Pluvia 18 The party forms together to hunt down the mercenaries' rendezvous location.. During their hunt, they come across a cave from which a few Gurushar emerge. In the cave, the party finds the drop location, and a note suggesting that the one who hired the mercenaries is a necromancer living in Narrent working for the Dröst Empire. Fabul evacuates to Southport in light of the new threat and head to Southport. The party stays with the refugees to provide protection.
Pluvia 20 The Fabul refugees arrive in Southport. The party sets up an appointment for an audience with the king of Corthin.
Pluvia 21 After warning the King of Corthin about the Gurushar, the party sets out towards Dröst to find a necromancer supposedly living in Narrent.
Pluvia 25 The Party enters the Dark Wood in an attempt to bypass the overflowing Gray River. Zod, follows an arson into a cave and emerges from a tree in the Dark Wood just in time to see the arson killed by a giant spider. Unable to return through the tree, Zod joins the party.
Pluvia 26 The Party captures a Dark Elf whom they get to lead them along the Gray River and through the Dark Wood in an attempt to find out what caused the Grey River to overflow.
Pluvia 28 The Party leaves the Dark Wood, allowing the Dark Elf to go free, and continues to follow the Grey River.
Pluvia 29 The Party follows the Grey River to where it now connects with Sapphire River and finds that the natural dam separating the two rivers has been destroyed. They see the Temple of Glaiegwal, an avatar of Glaile, in the lake bed and decide to investigate it. In the temple, they find Fizzlegrub awakening Glaiegwal in an attempt to allow Glaiegwal to take over Fizzlegrub's body. The party is unable to stop him and Glaiegwal attacks the party. Drake shows up and attempts to drive Glaiegwal away. After Glaiegwal escapes, Drake leaves before the party is able to capture him.
Pluvia 30 The party tracks Drake to a small town on the coast of Bald Lake. They manage to secure passage to Bald to follow Drake by smuggling narcotics.
Vigeo 1 The Party arrives in the city of Bald where they attempt to locate Drake.
Vigeo 2 The city of Bald is attacked by a plant like creature that ventures through a portal. The party is able to fight off the creature long enough for the portal to close.
Vigeo 3 The Bald City Captain of the Guard, Brastral, is assassinated in a coup lead by his assistant, Razzendale, who then assumes the title of Captain of the Guard. The Party find a ship captain that seems to have been cursed by Drake. Barnabas determines that it is the same curse that Taggart is afflicted with and is given the instructions for a cure by the High Priest, Edwardo.
Vigeo 4 The party travels to the east coast of Bald Lake to find a rare key ingredient to cure Taggart's curse.
Vigeo 5 While searching for the key ingredient of the cure for Taggart's curse, the party runs into the Gatekeepers and battle them until they capture the Gatekeepers' leader. When questioning the prisoner, the party discovers that both groups are after Drake, and they allow the prisoner to go. The party later runs into Frostëwölsht wandering on by the lake shore. Fröst agrees to provide passage back to Bald.
Vigeo 6 The party returns to the city of Bald to find High Preist Edwardo missing. The party investigates and discovers that Edwardo has been taken by soldiers to the Guard Captain's tower.
Vigeo 7 The Party infiltrates the Bald City Guard Captain's tower and locates Edwardo running experiments on the Curse of Mathias. The Party attempts to enlist the Mage's Guild in an attempt to stop the necromantic trials of Guard Captain Razzendale. However, the Party decides to attempt to infiltrate the tower without the Mage's Guild help due to the delay in response time. During the infiltration, the Party discovered that Edwardo had been captured and forced to perform the research. After rescuing Edwardo, the Party confronts Razzendale, which results in the death of Razzendale and Taggart becoming the next captain of the guard of Bald.
Vigeo 8 Taggart, using his authority as the Captain of the Guard, begins to form an alliance between the city guard and the Mage's Guild. The party then leaves Bald to track Drake into the Eternal Darkness. In the darkness, the party finds a necromancer's tower which seems to be the source of the Eternal Darkness. They manage to confront the Necromancer, Lochnal, capture him, and disperse the darkness.
Vigeo 9 The party returns to Bald to turn Lochnal in to the custody of the Mage's Guild. Taggart orders four squads of solders to search to the north for Drake and report back after four days.
Vigeo 10 The party leaves Bald and heads north to track Drake into the Blasted Lands. Once on the shore of Bald Lake, the Party stops at Fröstewölsht's home. When they arrive, they find Myra Sharpe, Fröstewölsht's wife, missing and tracks leading to the north.
Vigeo 11 The party follows tracks till they arrive at what appears to be a dwelling in the middle of the Blasted Lands. They enter in an attempt to locate Fröstewölsht's wife. They find Myra Sharpe and several others in the dwellings, all who say they found themselves there after walking through a portal of some kind.
Vigeo 12 The party manages to get the refugees to Narrent using a telepotation tower. Once in Narrent, they resume their search for Drake.
Vigeo 13 The party's search leads them to a tower in Narrent that seems to be the tower of the wizard linked somehow to the opening the portals. The Mage's Guild is alerted and sends a small force to infiltrate the tower. The party chooses to assist in the infiltration.
Vigeo 14 The Mage's Guild infiltration party arrives in Narrent and assaults the tower with assistance from the party.
Vigeo 16 The party makes its way to the top of the tower. They run across Andwise, who emerges from a portal and is followed by seven assailants. Barnabas arrives during the melee and rejoins the party. After defeating the assailants, the party continues toward the top of the tower. At the top of the tower, they find Nathaniel who opens a portal and retreats through it. Fröstewölste and Taggert follow him through, and the portal closes. Fröstewölste and Taggert chase down Nathaniel and begin to question him. In the tower, Docilius and Barnabas read through Nathaniel's research and journals to figure out what he is doing. Docilius begins trying to locate any residual effects from the portal and discovers a trace leading off to the east far beyond the coastline of Darvasi. Barnabas and Docilius manage to re-open the portal and the party follows through. In the other realm, they find Fröstewölste, Taggert, and Nathaniel. Nathaniel reveals that he is from a different continent that began having its "life energy" sapped from their beings by another world, slowly killing all life in his world. He was sent to Darvasi to find out who was sapping the energy and stop them. He party was ambushed upon arrival and he was the only survivor. He spent years trying to figure out how to return to his continent, first at the Mage's Guild, then on his own when the guild started asking questions. He also tells them how the gods created several continents, not just Darvasi. They created several continents like Darvasi, but also many continents not meant for mortals. After the party suggests that Drake was responsible for the energy sapping, Nathaniel agrees to accompany the party back to Darvasi to stop Drake. The party returns to Darvasi and requests an audience with the Triumvirate of the Mage's Guild.
Vigeo 17 The party is granted an audience with the Triumvirate and goes to the guild headquarters to talk with them. Nathaniel recounts his story to the Triumvirate and they adjourn to consult amongst themselves. A hour later, the party recieves word that the guild is amassing an army in preperation for an assault from this other continent. In addition, the guild wants to set up a trap to stop Drake at Nathaniel's tower and wants the party to be there to head up the ambush.
Vigeo 19 Drake arrives at Nathaniel's tower and a large battle ensued. Drake was eventually defeated. The party left him in a ditch to respond to chaos from another area of the city. They went to the city walls to see Glaiegwal marching towards the city with an army of water elementals. The party assisted in the defense of the city. After several attempts to destroy the city, Glaiegwal's power was removed from Fizzlegrub who was left powerless and unconscious and taken into custody by the Mage's Guild. As the party began resting, Neceron showed up attempting to destroy the town. The party retreated to gather reinforcements from the Mage's Guild. They went to the city of Laetifico to persuade the War Wizard to assist.
Vigeo 20 After resting up, the party returned to Narrent with reinforcements from the War Wizard. In the end Barnabas Crowe was able to defeat Neceron and save the town. Nathaniel begins research with the Mage's Guild in to the portals.
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