The Stoic Defender
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Breed Brown
Thralls 2500
Roost Deep Beneath Marnarn'Mar Mountains
Favored Race Dwarf

Grazthsaire is Darvasi's Brown Dragon. His Thrall Community is estimated to contain about 2500 thralls, making a large city of great diversity deep beneath the Marnarn'Mar Mountains on the eastern side. Population is 41% Dwarven, 23% Khin, 16% Human, 10% Elven, 5% Halfling, 3% Saquan, and 2% Gnommish. These races live together in harmony, most of them stumbling upon the gentle giant and accepting his offer of protection. The city has no need for an army as any threat that actually manages to find the city has to get pass the colossal defender. Grathsaire leaves the cave periodically to find food for his thralls, and in the event that he finds a potential thrall, he offers them shelter.

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