The Beast of Honor
Vital Statistics
Creator FNORD
Average Height 12 feet
Average Weight Unknown
Maturity 12
Life Span 90

Gryphons are magical beasts that have become a universal symbol for honor. They have been placed into many family crests, countries' flags, and armies' symbols. Their relationship with wyverns is very similar to the relationship between mongooses and snakes. Both species prey on each other and are very closely matched in their fights.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

The gryphon's body and hind legs take the appearance of a lion, sometimes bearing a mane on the males of certain breeds. Upon the shoulders of the creature are the wings of an eagle. Its front legs are the talons and its mouth is a beak.


Gryphons tend to vary their dwellings between their breeds. The maned gryphon tends to live in prides in warm regions, similar to lions. Like cougars, the mountain gryphon makes it's home in cooler climates to the North, in rolling hills and upon mountains.

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