The Guardians of the Mother
Number of Deities 3
Type of Following Druids
General Acceptance Level Moderate

"The Guardians of the Mother" is a church of Etan consisting of three gods. When these gods arrived at Etan, almost nothing was known about how the world had grown into what it was. It obviously had been creating life of its own, but the gods didn't know why. The Guardians had joined together and studied it. They soon learned that the world the Sator had created had come to life. They took it upon themselves to guard and protect Etan, which they began calling "The Mother."


Kanati, the Hunter, the Wolf holds the belief that Etan knows what's best for itself. He believes that nature can take care of itself as long as society is responsible.


Mylu, the Guardian, the Doe believes that humanoids are suffocating Etan and overcomplicating life with society and war. She wishes for people to drop their complications of society and live as part of nature.


Selu, the Domesticator, the Ox thinks that it is humanity's duty to protect nature. Contrasting with Mylu's wish for society to move into nature, Selu wants nature to move into society. She believes that humanoids should domesticate nature and keep both it and society from harming nature.

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