Blades of Death
Vital Statistics
Creator FNORD
Average Height 6'0"-7'6"
Average Weight Unknown
Maturity Unknown
Life Span Unknown

Gurushar are very fast dangerous swamp predators with long blades of bone protruding from their forearms. Very little is known about them as they are extremely rare and very few people are willing to get close enough to study them. No one has been able to discern where they came from. There have been theories that they are of a hive mind but nothing has been confirmed.

Appearance Edit

Gurushar are frequently described by eye-witnesses as "...beasts from the center of Nex itself" and "...death incarnate." More stable testimonies however describe them as tall bipedal and lizard-like. They stand between 6'0" to 7'6" tall, though because of their hunched posture, they appear about 5'5" to 6'10" and around 12 feet in length from head to tail. Their body is covered in black scales that provide a form of protection and camouflage in the dark swamp.

Gurushar have jaws lined with 26–28 widely spaced teeth on each side. There are no real lips to speak of leaving the teeth and gums fully exposed, making for a terrifying sight if one gets close enough. Each tooth is more strongly serrated on the back edge than the front that improve its ability to catch and hold fast-moving prey. Gurushar also have large hands with five claws used to hold their prey firmly. Their feet also have five claws, however, the first claw is unique. It bares a relatively large, sickle-shaped claw used to tear into prey.

However, perhaps the most noticeable feature of the gurushar are the two 2 foot long blade-like bones that protrude from its forearm. The gurushar uses these as its primary means of attack, attempting to disembowel its prey before the prey can even fight back.

Gurushar have small yellow beady eyes and only nose holes but seem to have absolutely no problem hunting and finding prey. They move extremely quickly and are frequently reported to ambush travelers before the victims can react.

Intelligence and Communication Edit

At this point, it is not known whether gurushar are intelligent or not. They seem to display an understanding of pack hunting techniques as they frequently work together to catch prey. However, they seem to be fully capable of hunting solo as well. There has not been and evidence to suggest that they are any more intelligent then wolves, however there has been very little observational evidence of the gurushar in general. No verbal communication among gurushar has been observed but have some theorized that they are able to communicate telepathically.

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