Heath was a small town located in the Grand Duchy of Tasard between the Corthin Kingdom and the Dröst Empire.

Location Edit

Heath was located between the Corthin Kingdom and the Dröst Empire in the plains north of Bald Lake.

Founding Edit

Klemwocketninmalkin, an ambitious gnome, decided to start a small mining community in the middle of the plains of eastern Darvasi. The only ones he could recrute for the endevor were gnomes however. The small group of gnome miners build a small settlement in the plains in 3529AL called Heath and started digging mines. Unfortunately for the gnomes, their famious luck did not work out for them. They were never able to find anything move useful than stone. Eventually the gnomes moved on attention turned to other avenues and the town was abandoned.

Re-Founding Edit

In 3582AL a dwarven merchant by the name of Narhergos stumbled upon the ghost town of Heath. He desided it would be a good place to set up an inn and small shop for traders traveling between the Dröst Empire to the north and the Corthin Kingdom to the south. The settlement quickly grew as other merchants discovered the prosperity of the location as set up similar shops of their own.

Mage War Edit

In 3594AL the Mage War broke out between the Corthin Kingdom and the Dröst Empire and trade between the two nations was made illegal. Heath became a major smuggler's den. The many abandoned mining tunnels throughout the region made for excellent stashes for the smugglers. The two nations quickly became aware of the strong smuggle presence, but instead of attempting to put an end to it, they used to town and smuggler's routes to sneak in spies and later supplies to rebels.

Destruction Edit

In 3624AL, the Corthin Kingdom in an attempt to end the war stationed an massive army in Heath, using the mining tunnels to hide the actual size. The army was to launch a massive attack on the Empire from Heath. Unfortunately, the Dröst spies still discovered the hidden army and Dröst decided to launch a preemptive assault on the Corthin army. The Battle of Heath was the largest used of magi in combat ever and ended with the destruction of Heath and most of the armies and citizens in and around the town, and the creation of the Blasted Lands.

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