Vital Statistics
Title The Mistress, The Heartless Love
Divine Level Minor
Domains Lust
Gender Female
Since when did inhibitions get you anything that felt good?
  — Iaph

Iaph (ee-YAWFF), the Mistress, the Heartless Love was the goddess of lust.


Upon her arrival at Etan, Iaph was immediately played by Skoros. She took interest in his deceitful nature and the two quickly seduced each other. Even when the two had nothing else to gain from the other, they both kept an interest in each other simply because they were able to get enjoyment out of backstabbing back and forth.


Iaph never took interest in someone she couldn't seduce to gain something. She often got a strong enjoyment out of taunting Faris, who was most easily offended by her passionless tossing-around of physical relations.


Iaph's followers are very sexual. Like their goddess, they use sex appeal to gain leverage in a situation. In the event of them wanting someone dead, they often seduce them and strike when the target is naked and most vulnerable. They are not passionate lovers, but cold and vain.

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