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Vital Statistics
Title The Lucky
Status Unknown
Divine Level Racial
Gender Male

Isay (ISS-ay), the Lucky was once a halfling assassin of ridiculous luck. He was uplifted into an extuli and sat on the Council of Valdûn.


Isay led a team of ten halfling assassins, each fighting for the safety and betterment of Etan and its races. One example of Isay's luck includes each time he was spotted by a guard defending his target. In each occasion, the enemy would immediately be crushed by a falling boulder, eaten by wildlife, or killed from a heart attack before alerting other guards. The Raven's Feathers--called such due to the raven that would be sent to visit the victim the night of the attack and the black feather left over each corpse's eyes--were all lucky enough to experience such flukes regularly. Valdûn was impressed with the Raven's Feathers and branded them with Chorrah. As a god brands a mortal with a Chorrah, the mortal becomes a divine being. Due to Isay being the leader of the team, he was given the halfling seat on Valdûn's council.


Isay was a lucky halfling, able to remain undetected, even when seen, because of fluke after fluke. As long as he died in an attempt to help Etan and the life on it, he was not afraid.


Isay's mortal followers were generally Halflings. While knights generally have a disliking for assassins, Halfling knights were quick to look to Isay as a hero. Assassin's often had a habit of praying to Isay before any missions, and most assassin calling cards were homage to Isay (in addition to the usual purpose of assassin calling cards).

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