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Vital Statistics
Title The Hunter
Divine Level Minor
Domains Nature, Predators, Food Chain
Gender Male
As a deer dies, the entire species has not died. More importantly, the wolf now eats. The herd survives and so does the pack. As does Nature.
  — Kanati

Kanati (KAH-nah-tee), the Hunter, the Wolf is the one of the Guardians of the Mother. Each has their own belief of how Etan's wildlife should be protected, causing them to rarely see eye to eye. Unlike his sisters, Kanati believes that Nature is most likely to persevere when left alone.


Like the other Guardians of the Mother, Kanati did not partake in the Divine Schism. Rather, he did what he could to keep nature from being harmed collaterally by the bickering. Unlike the other gods, the Schism actually brought the Guardians closer together.


Kanati enjoys the thrill of the hunt and is the god to pray to if one is embarking on a hunt for food--not for sport. In spite of what seemed to be a survival-of-the-fittest attitude, Kanati does not want to see the destruction of a species, and so, would rather see a predator starve for a short time than to see the last of a species die off. Also, he does not support hunting in excess. He does not provide divine power for his followers. Instead, he wants them to grow attuned with the life of Etan that surrounds them.


Kanati's followers vary the most in personality, among the rest of the Guardians of the Mother. Some live in civilization, though they more commonly populate the outskirts of towns, getting their food by hunting rather than visiting the market. His favored animal companion is the wolf.

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