The Crimson General
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Breed Red
Thralls 1200
Roost Dor'Mar Mountaintops
Favored Race Khin

Kindle is the Red Dragon that resides in the Dor'Mar Mountains. She has collected about 1200 thralls, 45% of them being Khin, 25% Dwarves, 12% Elves, 6% Humans, 6% Halflings, 1% Gnomes, 1% Orcs, and the other 4% are interbred from varying species to increase their effectiveness in combat. She cares greatly for her thralls, but does not hesitate to dicipline them when they disobey her orders, nor does she hesitate to send them into battle. They are all willing fighters, joining her ranks only after passing the test of finding either her lair or her thrall community. She is the only dragon who keeps the two locations separate, as the volcano is too dangerous for her soldiers to live near.

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