King Corthin was the founding ruler of the Corthin Kingdom. In his youth, he was a devout priest of Tempora. He was traveling, looking for those in need of Tempora's teachings. He stumbled upon Southport a town of corruption and greed, and decided to found a temple to Tempora in Southport. After several years, he managed to reform the town, and Southport made him their leader. Corthin used this position to further the teachings of Tempora to surrounding towns and villages.

After many years, several independent city-states joined together under Corthin to form the Corthin Kingdom with Cothin as their king. However, several barbarian tribes began to harass the kingdom. In response, King Corthin created a large army to hold back the barbarians. Once the borders were secure, the Corthin Kingdom continued converting near-by towns with missionaries. Any cities that proved resistant to preachings about Tempora were conquered by the expanding kingdom's ever expanding army. By the time that King Corthin died, his kingdom had grown as far north as the Dark Wood and Sapphire Lake.

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