Franz Guiriale

(468 AL - 513 AL)

Vital Statistics
Campaign Scorched Earth Campaign
Title King
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 5'8"
Weight 167lbs.
Hair Color Albinic-White
Eye Color Red
Skin Color Albinic-White
Faction New Olondrasian Monarchy of Guiriale
Birthplace Nitawa
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Born and raised in Nitawa, Franz Guiriale learned the ways of a politician--specifically a tyrant. In 501 AL, he promised the people that the fallen nation of Dessil would rise from its own ashes under his control. The small town was quick to feel the pressure of his tyranny and harsh sting of large tax increases. Later in the same year, the town blacksmith, Smitty Smith, who had created all the equipment for the guards, was able to fight his way past the guards under Guiriale's command and chase the tyrant out of town. Smitty was deemed a hero, and Franz left for the elven capitol of Calor. He spent a lot of time making friends with the Elven King and living under his command as a servant. After six months, he forged a note demanding the crown be passed to himself and faked the king's suicide. From 502 AL to 513 AL, what little water was available to the public diminished and taxes rose. Poverty, starvation, and dehydration fell on every class, even nobility. Late in the year 513, a group of walkers arrived in Calor. Per usual, Guiriale attempted to bribe and persuade them into joining his ranks. Duke Monethion Sudai, however, shared the walkers' interests in helping the people and removing the tyrant from power. In the graceful Caloran coup de tat, the king was speared to his throne only a week before Taestysor, a festival celebrating the death of another tyrant, Mestylaes Lithlosa Shyr'tesi.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Guiriale stands at 5'8" and is somewhat overweight--providing a noticable contrast to the mistreated citizens of Calor. Because of his albinism, the harsh rays of Vultus that are not filtered by the damaged atmosphere over Calor mean he risks death by stepping outside during the day. Rumors even suggested that he was a vampire, though it was proven that he is not.

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