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Lifeforce is a department of the Mage's Guild that is dedicated to the eradication of necromancy and and those who practice it.


Two years following the founding of the Mage's Guild, one of the founding members, Stefan Fritz, succumbed to his research into necromancy. The guild was forced to eliminate Stefan and destroy a wing of the new guild headquarters. In response, the Triumvirate forbade the practice of the dark arts. Barnabas Crowe, a staunch supporter for guild formation, pushed to form a department to form an elite group to enforce the decree. When the department was formed in 3635AL, it was headed by Barnabas who's intimate knowledge of the dark arts empowered the group to effectively detect and eliminate necromancers across Darvasi. In 3637, Commander Barnabas Crowe mysteriously disappeared, and Dasein Aufdrängen was appointed as the new commander.


Lifeforce is lead by an officer of the guild, usually a Wizard. The membership of the department is kept secret to aid the members in tracking down necromancers.