• Ancient Etan - Spoken by ents, fey, centaurs, and the other sentient beings of Etan, called Ve'edai Me'lin. This language is often learned by those who are in touch with Etan itself to deepen their connection with nature.
  • The Ancient Language - The language of the gods, spoken in the ancient days by mortals before slowly being replaced by Common. Extremely hard to learn, but some servants of the gods study it because they believe it facilitates commune with the deities they serve. Called Sanctus.
  • Common - The most widely spoken language, it was developed as a trade language to facilitate communication among the mortal races.
  • The Dark Tongue - Spoken by orcs, ecanin, and skoros' other creations. Evolved as a degraded version of the Ancient Language. It is extremely hard to learn and rare dur to the fact that is illegal throughout most of Etan. It is learned by those priest who choose to worship the Dark Lords in order to facilitate communication with their deities. Called Atel Ligor.
  • Draconic - Language of dragons and kobolds, extremely hard to learn for non-draconic beings. Called Vs'shtak by its speakers.
  • Elven - Spoken by Elves. Evolved over time from Ancient Etan. Called Aelael by its speakers.
  • Engonian - A dialect of Common spoken primarily in the Engonia. It is called Allsan by its speakers.
  • Ianus - The halfway point on the evolution from The Ancient Language and Common. Many arcane scholars learn this language because many arcane texts are written in this language as it more easily describes the intricacies of arcane magic.
  • Khinnish - The language of the khin, called Klöppel in its own tongue.
  • Laetifican - A dialect of Common spoken primarily in the Laetifico. It is called Janik by its speakers.
  • Saqua - Spoken by saquan and experienced traders. Called Canzone by it's speakers.
  • Sollicitan - A dialect of Common spoken primarily in the Sollicitus. It is called Glossa by its speakers.
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